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nanoblo® Plastics / Stainless Steel / Lacquered surfaces

Welcome to nanoblo®, the global leader in nanotechnology products.

After years of research in cooperation with leading institutes in the nanotechnology field mainly from Germany and other countries, we have designed and produced one of the top nanocoating qualities worldwide.

nanoblo® nanocoatings have unique properties and

can be applied on any kind of surface

(textiles, leather, paper, glass, plastic, stainless steel, wood, ceramic tiles, concrete facades, sandstone etc.),

providing an invisible protection..


Surfaces applied with nanoblo® nanocoatings can repel any kind of liquid

such as water, oil, ink, wine etc. while not allowing dirt, dust, mud, bird droppings etc to adhere on them.


nanoblo®  nanocoatings are available both for commercial and industrial use

and can easily be applied on any kind of surface just by spraying.


Please guide yourself through our website and discover the magic world of nanotechnology.