nanoblo® Plastic / Stainless steel / Lacquered surfaces

This coating is suitable for smooth surfaces of plastic, stainless steel or painted surfaces because of their specific formulations.


The hydro- and oleophobic effect causes the particles of contamination such as grease and oil, lime-scale and materials from environmental pollution to adhere less to the substrates or and allow them to be easily removed from the coating, i.e. without applying abrasive agents ("Easy--clean" effect).

Examples of use:

Plastic surfaces in sanitary areas (plexiglass shower cabinet)
Automotive paint
Painted aluminium rims
Stainless steel surfaces

Product characteristics:

Strong hydrophobicity
Strong non-stick properties
Excellent easy-clean effect on contamination and lime-scale
Food-safe (inert)

Other properties:

Invisible to the human eye (coating thickness: 100-150 nm)
Permanent (UV-stable, very resistant to abrasion)
Temperature resistant
Simple application (do-it-yourself)
Chemical resistant


Simple do-it-yourself application makes it suitable for end-customers as well:
1. Manual: Application with circular motion using a clean paper, linen or microfibre cloth.
2. Industrial: Available as polish-coat systems or spray-coating systems.

Spray the surface form a 10 cm distance.
This SiO2-coating is completely networked and hardened after 24 hours. The easy-to-clean effect can only be tested after this hardening phase.
Stains that may have been left on the surface before the coating procedure will be trapped on the surface by the coating.

Storage stability:

Unopened original containers can be stored for at least 2 years.
Recommended storage- and transport temperature: +3 to 30 oC


Manual: 5-10 ml/m2

Industrial: 10-15 ml/m2

Advantages of nanoblo® SiO2 coatings in comparison with competitive products:

• Permanence and longevity: The UV-stability enables functionality for a number of years, approximately the lifetime of the coated surface
Many competitive products are damaged slowly by sunlight.
• Abrasion-resistant easy-to-clean effect: A permanent chemical bond with the substrate enables excellent abrasion resistance
Many competitive products can be easily removed by abrasion .
• Chemical stability: The product is resistant to almost all standard household and industrial cleaners (with the exception of concentrated lye).
Many competitive products must be reapplied after cleaning the surface.



The product comes in canisters of 250 ml and 500 ml for commercial use and in 5 liter and bigger canisters for industrial use.